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This is a private auction held on behalf of the Service. You are bidding on a Lifetime Membership to the 1001spells web site and any services offered to such members as described below. Please remember that your bid is a binding contract and that you must be one of the highest bidders to win the auction. This is a daily one-day auction and ends at 11:59 PM EDT. For more information about this auction, please read the details below.


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to all of our services, and any services to come!

For a Lifetime! is the world's largest spell archive and ultimate wiccan resource. Included are thousands of spells with an interface that is completely searchable. New content is added daily, which makes this the gift that keeps giving! You can manage and access your pagan, wiccan, and occult information from anywhere in the world through any internet connected computer!

It doesn't matter if you are new to witchcraft or an experienced practitioner with years of rituals under your belt. The 1001spells Archive provides all the information you will ever need as a practicing witch. Anyone can perform magick. All you need is the right knowledge. The Spell Archive is the best learning tool anywhere on the web.

Features of the 1001spells Archives

  • Thousands of Spells & How-To Articles
  • Full Advanced Search Features
  • Easy to Use Navigation
  • Bookmark Spells for Quick Reference
  • Manage and Access Spells from Anywhere
  • Share Spells Through Free Personal Web Page
  • New Content Added Daily!
  • Free Spell Casting Service!

Features of the Lifetime Membership Program

In addition to the features above, with your LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP, you get access to any new features we create, new services, and complete upgrades. AT NO ADDITIONAL COST, EVER! Your subscription never expires, and you are never charged again. We've been around for years and have no intention of leaving.

Here's a look at what you'll get with your successful bid:

Welcome to the 1001spells Spell Archive

The Spell Archive is the world's largest pagan and wiccan resource for spells and other occult information. The online Book of Shadows program makes managing spells easier. You can add spells, bookmark spells for easy reference, search for information, and access it from any Internet-connected computer. With thousands of spells and articles to choose from, the Book of Shadows is a powerful resource for anyone interested in the mystical arts.

Full Multimedia

Designed to look and act like a real book, the Book of Shadows program takes full advantage of everything multimedia has to offer, including animated page turns and rich graphics for an unparalled online experience.


Searching for spells is easy. Simply type in what you are looking for and click "Find It". The search program will match your keywords against spell titles, descriptions, components, and the actual text of the spell.

Advanced Searching

If you want a little more control over how the search program operates, click "Advanced Search". Here you can choose whether you want to look for all your keywords, any of them, or an exact phrase. You can even select specific search methods such as titles, authors, components, etc.

Browse by Subject

If you'd rather browse through spells organized by subject, click "Table of Contents". Here you can select the type of spell you are looking for and see all the spells for that category.

Bookmarking and Printing Spells

After you have found a spell that interests you, you can either print the spell or bookmark it for later reference. Bookmarked spells are added to a special section of the book called "My Book of Shadows", designed to make the finding of your spells easy.

Add Spells

You can add as many spells to the Book of Shadows program as you wish. Some of the benefits of adding spells include the ability to access your spells from anywhere, at any time, and the ability to share spells with others through a custom web site that you get as a part of your membership. Adding spells means that you can always have your spells handy for when you need them most.

Sharing Spells

As part of your membership package, you also get a free custom web site, hosted on our servers, for sharing spells. This feature is optional, but enabling it allows you the opportunity to share the spells you add to your Book of Shadows with friends, coven members, or whomever you like. You can either link to it from your current web site using our simple linking instructions, or just give out your custom URL (web address) like the one you see in the picture to the right.

Free Spell Casting Services

Exclusively for our members, we also provide a complete spell casting service where we walk you through the creation of a custom spell, helping you to define your wishes, and then release that spell into the universe on your behalf through a special ritual. This feature is included in your membership package and is offered at no additional cost.


Something For Everyone...

As you can see, the 1001spells Spell Archive is a better way to find the spells and rituals you need to accent both your spiritual and normal life. There's truly something for everyone and new content is being added on a daily basis. Subscribe today to begin enjoying all the benefits of 1001spells.

Currently our Lifetime Membership program runs $59.99 at the web site. Here is your chance to get the same package, including all the tools you'll need in your witchcraft studies, for far less.

With your successful bid, you'll get all the features of the online Book of Shadows and Spell Archives, including thousands of spells, informative articles, how-tos on witchcraft, and more! Plus you'll get easy to use tools that make your experience even better like the free web page of spells that every member gets, and free spell casting services, at no extra charge!

Here's what some of our users have had to say about their experience at


"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I found stuff on your site I wasn't able to find anywhere else! I can't believe you only charge a few pounds for this stuff!"
- M., Warminster, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

"My friend B. and I were down at the local coffee shop where they have a computer and looked up a spell to cure her cold right there and then! Cool. Goddess Bless."
- J., Seattle, Washington, United States

"I found exactly the spell I wanted, right away. Great job guys!"
- R., Jonesboro, Georgia, United States

"There is nothing in my country for those interested in Wicca. I get on the Web and find you and learn all I need."
- C., Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Everything I can imagine is here. If I could remember every spell you offer, I'd be the most powerful woman in the world!!! I've never seen anything like this for the pagan/wiccan/occult world. It's about time!"
- B., New York, New York, United States

The Spells Archive
is the Most Unique Program for
Pagans and Wtiches On the Internet To Date!

- D., Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

We don't only offer all the information you'll ever need as a witch, we offer a truly unique online experience!

Who We Are

The 1001spells site is ran by a small group of individuals who believe that pagan, wiccan, and occult information should be made accessible to anyone willing to learn. Early on, we saw the web as a great medium for the collection and distribution of ancient knowledge. Most importantly, we felt, is that users can access information through the Internet privately and from almost anywhere, regardless of the moral majority in their community. We have tried to build our products and services with these goals in mind.

Over the years we have gathered a strong online community of wiccans and pagans from around the world who share their knowledge with others. These numbers grow daily as the archive grows larger in content. By bidding on this auction, you are taking advantage of the opportunity to grow with us.

No matter how big we get, you won't be charged one dime more!

Why the Auction?

As we continue to grow, we unfortunately incur the costs that are associated with bringing you this service. Namely, host servers for the Book of Shadows application and the database for the storage and retrieval of spells can be quite costly. We have tried to compensate for charging for this service by keeping subscription fees low and providing quality content. This auction is your chance to get a discount on membership while providing us with a fund-raising opportunity.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How many total spells do you have?

Because spells are being added at all times, we cannot give you an exact number. However, we guarantee to have a minimum of one-thousand and one spells at any given moment. The archive is constantly growing and as a Lifetime Member, you continue to benefit at no additional charge no matter how large we become.

Are there more than just spells?

Yes. All sorts of pagan/wiccan/occult information has been added to the Book of Shadows program and more is being added daily. You can add any related information to the Book of Shadows as long as it does not violate our Terms of Service. Members have provided articles about all sorts of related topics. The archives has become a literal encyclopedia of knowledge.

How does the Spell Casting Service work?

The Spell Casting Service is an exclusive feature for members and is provided at no additional cost. This service allows you to create a custom spell designed to bring your wishes into reality. The way it works is our software will ask you several questions designed to help you define your goal. When you have completed your responses, we take those answers and use them to form a spell that we then release into the universe on your behalf through a special ritual. Remember, this is a free service to all members. You do not have to pay extra for it.

Can I purchase this subscription for someone else?

Yes. We are happy to deliver the Lifetime Membership to anyone you choose, be it friend, family, or stranger.

What system requirements are needed to run the Book of Shadows?

The Book of Shadows application works on almost any Internet-connected computer. It works with Mac, Windows, Linux, or any other operating system that has a standard web browser. Standard browsers include Netscape, Internet Explorer and others. For best performance, we recommend a computer with Pentium II, equivalent, or higher processing. The free Flash plugin by is also required to view and run the Book of Shadows application. Unfortunately, it does not work with WebTV or MSN TV at the current time.

I have a dialup connection, how large is the Book of Shadows program?

The Book of Shadows program itself is approximately 308 KB in size, which takes about 44 seconds to download over a 56K dialup connection. Once cached, there is no significant load time for the Book of Shadows. Loading actual spells into the application only takes a few seconds.

We Welcome International Bidders!

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